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Change Your Career To Be Data scientist expert

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Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you an online course to learn data science with R, Mate Fornito will be your instructor in this course. Mate Fornito has been a data scientist for fifteen years he has master science (V.S) industrial and psychology he worked with firms from sports authority to Dish Networks and in Walt Disney World and he also worked for parasitical companies.

In the past few years, he was running a data science consulting company and he works with anybody from start-up to 100 companies, this had provided him a breadth of information and skills to help prepare you to be a real-world data scientist.

It is very interest and exciting to learn data science with R from a good data science expert like Mate Fornito, you will learn different mechanisms like business analytics and statistics and data science modeling. As you go through this course ten primary lessons shall complete.

  1. introduction to business analytics

  2. introduction to R programming

  3. data structures

  4. data visualization

  5. statistics for data science #1

  6. statistics for data science #2

  7. regression analysis

  8. classification

  9. clustering

  10. association

Besides they have provided a prerequisites statistics course moreover you going to get hands-on experience with a variety of demos that will prepare you for building models in R programming.

Fornito explained a historic example about Coca Cola, about thirty years ago coca-cola announced a change to its nearly century-old secret formula. In their statement, they explained that the new coke would have a smoother sweeter taste similar to diet coke but sweetened with corn syrup and so market researchers and individuals who took poles were sure that this will be a success it is going to be a hit however the results showed that only thirteen percent of soda drinkers liked the new coke this wasn't what they predict obviously the experiment was not expected by the consumers, in fact, the coke drinkers launched grassroots campaigns across the country forcing coca-cola to ring back the original coke and compelled the company to work on it.

So where did coca-cola go wrong

The president of coca-cola Donald Keough stated the simple fact is that all this time and money and skill poured into consumer research on a new coca-cola could not measure or explain the bottom and remaining emotional attachment to first coca-cola felt by so many consumers.

They were custom to a certain taste and a certain model, certain visual that is a certain attachment to the old coke.

In ultimately the company failed to make the right business decision, well if that's the case so what's the right business decision? the right business decision is to help you achieve high revenue and reduce the expenses and meet the customer's expectations and how we do that? we do that by applying a series of methodologies and techniques to measure performance and improve them this s what we call it "Business Analytics".

So by definition business analytics is a scientific process that transforms data into insights that used for fact-based or data-driven decision making. How we can do that? well, business analytics can use tools such as reports visualization like graphics optimization such as models, data mining for new insights and simulations to predict the what-if of what could happen.

There are three primary features of business analytics:

  1. Decision Support Systems

  2. Business Continuity Support

  3. Various Methodologies

So decision support systems are one of the prominent aspects of business analytics and the reason why is because of leadership and executives continuously has it to make decisions to drive their department and to drive their organization and want continually make the right decisions and they don't necessarily know what the right decision is, but if they could use data and use business analytics to help expert make preform decisions and the solutions is decision support systems components wow for that.

The second piece is business continuity support, so perhaps the organization wants to support more essential business function internal to the organization. Perhaps you had coworkers who absolutely superstars and other coworkers who you wonder how they got the job? well, imagine if business analytics had been applied to the hiring process and allowing the people that trying to get a job in the organization to hire the absolute best people.

The last piece and extremely important is the methodologies include concepts from applying probability and mathematics, statistics and computer science, and ingredient these aspects together with the organizational data produced helps gain meaningful insights which allow bettering business planning and business performance.

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