• Laith Sharba

Change Your Diet To Save The Tropic Lands

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Scientists warned us if the raise of using meat and dairy consumption continue we could lose a quarter of the world's tropic land by the end of the century this is scaring me what about you guys?

We could lose a lot of species and their habitats if we lose this large lands because if we keep consuming a huge amount of animals products every year this will lead to vanish the lands and don't be surprised if you wake up on breaking news this is your decision you can make the difference.

Scientists tell us in about eighty years we will lose 95% of the tropic lands if we don't change the global dietary habits.

A corporation between Edinburgh University and Karlsruhe technology institute lead a study of the consumption trends impacts on biodiversity regions. They studied the areas that rich in mammals and birds, amphibians and plants.

The scientists found that the high production of meat and milk caused land clearing in tropical regions and these areas are rich in biodiversity so we lose many species because of food production.

Income increased in many countries around the world that's why people start to demand more food products like starchy roots and refined sugars and more animals products.

Meat and dairy production is related to exhaustion in land and water use and increases greenhouse emissions.

Make your decision now by repacing animals food with plant food, scientist predicts that the total demand for agricultural lands globally could be reduced to 11 %.

The researchers noticed the industrial feed system help in reducing agricultural expansion but it has another impact, agricultural pollutants like fertilizers increase environmental degradation.

The study comes once the Intergovernmental Panel on global climate change|temperature change} last week published a special report that known reducing meat consumption as a crucial focus for climate change mitigation.

Lead author Dr. Roslyn Henry, "Roslyn Henry, said, "Reducing meat and dairy consumption can reduce the effects of greenhouse gases emissions and peoples health." it'll conjointly facilitate biodiversity, that should be preserved to confirm the world's growing population is fed. dynamical our diets can result in an additional property future and complement food security goals whereas addressing world food inequalities."

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