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Learn Online Big Data Hadoop Administrator

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I will give an overview of the course its prerequisite and value that offers to your career. It will also prepare you for Cloudera CCA-500 Certification Cloudera certified administration for Apache Hadoop.

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before I tell you more about big data Hadoop Administrator course you have to know some interest information about big data job trains. According to the 2015 year statistics companies like IBM, Cisco, and Oracle posted more than 26488 open position that required big data experts. EMC has 25.1% of the big data jobs market, big data administrators work on a platform that facilitates analytics.

The hiring scale score is 73%-100% for jobs required big data skills with 30 candidates for job opened on November 16, 2015.

The higher hire scale scores the more difficult it's for employers to find the right people for open positions.

What are the career options available for big data professionals?

The big data career track can be categories into two verticals:

Administration/ Infrastructure Support

Development/ Analytics/ Research

Under the administration or infrastructure support, you can up for a career as a big data engineer, big data consultant, Hadoop admin, and software engineer, etc...

If you choose the development or analytics or research path you can up for a career as a big data analyst, big data consultant, Hadoop developer, software and application developer and so on.

The top five industries hiring big data-related experience are scientific and technical services with 30% of advertising positions, information technology with 19% of positions, manufacturing with 18% of advertising positions, finance, and insurance at 10% of the positions and retail trade with 8% of the positions.

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This information was on November 16, 2015, you can imagine how is the big data jobs market is huge now. you still have the chance to jump on and get you career dream.

Do you know what's in store for you?

  • The what, why, where and how of big data and its different terminologies.

  • Big data solutions such as Apache Hadoop framework its description and ecosystem.

  • Core Hadoop distributions Apache Hadoop and then specific distribution CDH Cloudera distribution of Hadoop.

  • The need for Cluster management solutions Cloudera manager and capabilities.

  • Setting up a Hadoop Cluster and its components like Sqoop, Flume, Pig and Hive and Impala with basic and advanced configurations.

  • Hadoop distributed file system and it's processing/ computations frameworks.

  • Planning and securing safeguarding and monitoring a cluster.

Who would benefit from this course

  • The professional aspiring career of big data analytics field using the Hadoop framework

  • Individuals who intend to be part of teams or contribute to the planning, deploying and administering a Hadoop Cluster

  • System administrators and developers, architects and consultants, analytics professionals and so on.

  • professionals from organizations that either intended to or already investing a huge amount in integrating Hadoop into the existing infrastructure or setting up big data practices to be part of this new way.

  • Expert who has experience with data and data management solutions and would like to learn new ways of data management and capabilities of big data solutions.

The prerequisites of big data and Hadoop administrator course are:

Basic knowledge of Linux expert knowledge would be useful.

Basic knowledge of databases and Java virtual machines and Cluster technology would be very beneficial.

If you have extra knowledge of any programming or scripting knowledge would be great for your experience in this course but please note that it is not mandatory.

I hope you have some basic information about big data and if you not browse my website for more information to prepare you for this course.

I recommend this course to you it is 32 hours of instructor-led training and I think it's enough for you to learn don't worry it will be an amazing journey of online learning. You will have nine hours of e-learning with quizzes for each lesson you finish additionally they will provide you four projects for more practicing and three questions sets of 75 question each.

You will receive support during the course and also for the projects.

Get ready to take the best ride of knowledge and get ready to enter the world of big possibilities. I wish you a happy learning.

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