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Learn Online The Easly Analysis Platform- Qlikview Developer Training

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Qlik could be a leader in visual analytics. Its portfolio of the product meets customers' growing desires from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics. Qlik solutions to achieve that means out of data from varied sources, exploring the hidden relationships inside data that result in insights that ignite smart concepts. The QlikView platform lets users discover deeper insights by building they're own rich, guided analytics.

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According to enlyft, there are more than 17,865 firms using this amazing platform in their business most of them are big companies with 1 million to 10 million revenue annually. The biggest users of QlikView are the software industry companies 3139 company use this platform.

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QlikView is one among the foremost used Business Intelligence tools these days and demand for QlikView Developers has ne'er been higher. Qlik has frequently been a frontrunner in the Gartner’s magic quadrant with corporations transitioning or adopting their BI has to the Qlikview Platform. This QlikView Developer training from Simplilearn is meant for the new entrant into the field of Qlikview and Business Intelligence. This QlikView training can assist you in making Analysis Reports, Adding Visualizations and supply you with tips & tricks to enhance them. you may conjointly find out how to optimize your data Models by exploitation advanced Script Functions.

This course will allow you to create analysis reports for your business and adding visualization to all your reports. It also makes able to build the data models and resolving synthetic keys, you can also organize script sections to load the data. Finishing this course will make able to optimize data models and using advanced script functions. QlikView platform featured by QVD files to let you create data layers. By the end of this course, you have the skills to build applications that fulfill the dashboard, analysis, and report (DAR approach) suggested by Qlik.

This course edited by B. Diana Blackwood, she worked with QlikView since 2009 and it was her favorite business intelligence tool If you like additional information you may be interested in her books from packet publishing "Instant QlikView 11 Application Development" and "QlikView for Finance". Diana Blackwood will teach you QlikView 12 you will learn how to get and install QlikView 12 and set up the project environment. In the second section will be creating documents and sheets, scripts with multiple data sources and QVD files which I explained above. In the third section will be building on the data models to design better documents. And the fourth section is looking at QlikView design the elements, properties, and some guidelines for creating better documents and sheets, and in the last section some data modeling challenges.

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