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One Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel Can Help You Reach The Apex In The Field!!!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

At the start of the year 2018, McKinsey projected global positions in the verticals of marketing and finance who have a better understanding of the science behind the process of decision making. In layman’s language, they needed professionals who understand the concepts of data science and analytical tools aka business analytics experts.

Stay With Me!!!

A Business Analyst is a personnel who uses various tools to spot trends or present data that is personalized and is useful for business.

Do you get what it means?

Business Analytics certification is the thing you must have if you seek a better future in the field. If you have the knowledge of Microsoft Excel, then you will be nothing but a WOW factor for a company.

Let me be very clear in this, a certification can be your brownie point, and while looking for a job of your dreams, every opportunity missed will be like a knife to your heart piercing through your rib cage and giving you pain every time.

So, don’t let that happen to you. Be proactive and grab a certification before an opportunity passes you by.

In my entire career, I too have wasted many opportunities. All that happens just because I lacked the appropriate knowledge that was needed.

If you have a knack for being a successful business analyst, then remember a proper certification is all you needed to make a milestone of your own.

Here I am giving you an opportunity where you can not only gain knowledge about the application of business analytics with Excel but also get certified so that you can showcase it with your employer and gain momentum in your career.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started,

Key Features You Can Learn With The Right Certification

First, to be clear, with the right course, you can gain a lot of things. When you choose the appropriate certification course, it will help you boost your analytical skills with the power of Microsoft Excel. This type of certification will help you make data-driven decisions that will be crucial for either your organization or for the company you are working for. Either way, you can show your prowess and take the business/career in the right direction.

I personally recommend Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel from simplilearn.com. When I choose this program, I have seen many before, and I was fooled a couple of times.

Some programs really make you learn nothing but basics (Too Basic!!!). I was concerned while starting the program but gradually I understand that this certification program covers the gaps I faced earlier.

I am not glorifying this program, but only sharing my experience. Ask yourself this, if an application is giving you two hands-on industry-based projects on different verticals of the industry, how you will react.

The Focus Of This Course

When you choose this course of Business Analytics Certification Training With Excel, you will learn how to function in the world of analytics with the use of simple yet powerful tools Microsoft Excel. You need to learn all the concepts surrounding this vertical for a robust analytics career.

I won’t say that it will teach you quickly the concepts, but the approach of the course is enticing. Once you take it seriously, you will see for yourself that you are grabbing all the soft and hard skills for the job.

If you are new as I was, it will give you a strong foundation on the analytics domain. With this course, I was able to delve into the stat concepts to derive insights from the available data to present the findings by using executive level dashboards.

So, if you are a developer, data scientist, or a project manager you can comprehend data that will help you generate sound decisions that can change the course of your organization or your workflow.

What did I learn From this Course?

With Simplilearn’s training on business analytics with Excel, I understood the meaning of business analytics and its application in the industry. I am a researcher, and I love to make sense out of data. But there was this time when the business decisions were like an alien to me.

With this course, I was able to comprehend data and make some real business decisions. With excel analytics function and conditional formatting, it becomes easy to decipher meaning conveyed by the data. Pivot tables and slicers become bliss to analyze complex datasets.

I won’t tell you to have this online course; however; you will see that with the utility of this course can change the direction of your career. This course changed my vision about business ventures.

After this course, I am efficiently representing my findings using charts and dashboards. I now understand how powerful Excel can be when it comes to analysis.

Who’s The Trainer?

The trainer here is Mr. Ronald van Loon. He is a recognized Big Data analytics which is listed by Onalytica as one of the most influencing Big Data Analyst. There are many publications where Ronald is either an author or a co-author. Some of the releases are Datafloq, Data Science Central, and The Guardian.

What Should You Do?

Here is a simple thing you can do. There is no pressure or persuasion. Every one of us needs guidance and training at the same time. So, why not take both of them from this course!!!

There are 12 hours of self-paced videos at your disposal with two hands-on industry-based projects. Not only walkthrough of Microsoft Excel will help you, but also training on business intelligence using Power BI will add spice to your analytics career.

There are eight practical exercises with lifetime access to self-paced learning. What more you want to kick start your career in the business analytics domain?

Signup now for Simplilearn.com online course on Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel and grow with the power of Excel.

If you have any thoughts on the domain, do leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Adios for now!!!

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